Cookie and honey cake, best dessert easy to make

cookies (2 packages, type maría)
eggs (4 pcs.)
sugar (40 gr., to mount the whites)
sugar (30 gr., to assemble the cream)
cream to mount (200 gr.)
cream cheese (200 gr.)
butter (75 gr.)
honey (50 gr.)
lemon (1 pc.)
dried apricots (6 pcs.)

A very simple cake to make and very easy… that everyone likes. You’ll see how this cookie and honey cake gets you out of trouble.

Step 1:

To make this cookie and honey cake, the first thing you should do is chop the dried apricots as small as possible. The more minced they are, the better the result will be.

Step 2:

Now, separate the whites from the egg yolks. Do it very carefully so that the yolks do not break, and one at a time. This time we will not use the yolks, but do not throw them away, which you can use in another elaboration. Mount the whites with the sugar intended for this … to make a meringue. You can do it by hand, although the ideal is to do it with the kitchen robot. Reserve the result in the fridge.

Step 3:

Now, mount the cream with the other part of sugar. The cream, to mount must be very cold … you can even put under the bowl in which they are mounting the other cream with ice. Once the cream is mounted, mix with the cream cheese and the chopped apricots. Mix well with great care, making enveloping movements so that the whipped cream does not fall. The final result must be a kind of mousse.

Step 4:

Place the butter in a bowl, and melt it in the microwave.

Step 5:

Dissolve the honey in half a glass of water to obtain a syrup. If the water is warm instead of cold, it will be easier to dissolve it.

Step 6:

On the other hand, crush the cookies. You can do it in the mortar, with the blender or in the food processor.

Divide the crushed cookies in two. One-half of cookies, mix it with the butter and with the grated lemon (when grating it take care to take only the yellow part, which is where the aromas are, and not white, that bitter). The other half, mix it with the honey syrup.

Step 7:

Place some of the cookies with butter on the base of a rectangular and removable mold. Crush well to leave a tight base.

Step 8:

Place a layer of meringue on top, cover with cookies with honey. Put another layer of cream cheese, another of cookies with honey, another of meringue … and yes to make several layers.

Step 9:

When you’re finished, finish with a layer of biscuits with butter.

Step 10:

Put your cookie and honey cake in the fridge and let it sit overnight in the fridge.


Serve your cookie cake and fresh honey, divided into rectangular portions. Delicious!

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