Crunchy baskets filled with orange cream

The dessert that we propose today is easy to prepare and, thanks to its original presentation, it is perfect to surprise your guests.

Biscuit tulips
30 gr. Of flour
3 eggs
125 gr. of sugar
½ l. of orange juice
½ orange
cinnamon stick.

So we cook it

We begin by mixing the flour with the sugar until it forms a homogeneous mass, avoiding that the cream contains lumps. Once well mixed, add the previously beaten eggs. We also add the orange juice and a cinnamon stick.
Place in a saucepan over low heat and maintain about 10 minutes. It will thicken. We then remove from the fire and stir. Pour this cream into the tulips, removing the cinnamon stick beforehand. Now, we peel an orange and grate the peel on our baskets, as a decoration. We already have this delicious dessert ready.

 Tricks and tips

If you add some nuts to this cream just before pouring it into the tulips you will give it a different touch.

 Nutritional information

The orange, one of the ingredients of this cream, will provide vitamin C, which favors the absorption of iron from food, so in case of anemia, it is recommended to take foods rich in vitamin C along with others whose iron intake be tall Also, a good amount of sugar has been used, so the caloric content of the recipe will be increased.

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