Effective Strategies to Improve Your Memory

It has happened to all of us that we forget where we put our things, or we simply feel dull or difficult to do our work; Sometimes we find it hard to think. When it is already very frequent our questions begin because this happens ?.

For this not to happen we must use mental exercises techniques such as memory games, math or playing chess. If we need to remember a large amount of information we must always focus attention and associate the information with a certain place or site. In this way we can say that if we are focused on what we are doing we can hardly remember what we were doing.

Although we find ourselves with a lot of work, we must leave time to carry out activities that help us to keep our mental faculties active. Here we will mention some that will be of great benefit:

Take some time and sit down and read; Reading increases your concentration and creativity stimulates the imagination expands your vocabulary and allows you to have greater general culture. Reading every day makes your brain stay active. Because the mind imagines the situations of what it is reading.

See when you are not aware of a topic or concept this is also a mental exercise not only because it allows you to learn new concepts but also because you always maintain the capacity for lifelong learning.

Write to write allows all your brain to work 100% can write poems or things you like this activity is complementary to the habit of reading.

Sleep well: one of the main causes of mental fatigue is the lack of sleep the human being is sleeping less and this causes the brain to not rest enough to recover. To have mental agility you must have slept for at least 6 to 10 hours.

A healthy life also influences your concentration so you should avoid alcohol, cigarettes, stimulant drinks.

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