Find in this article a Delicious and original dessert for your appointment

 Chocolate Volcano

With this recipe surprises your guests and give it a taste, it is a delicious lava of chocolate that you will find when breaking the wall of the volcano.

Cheer up to make this recipe is really simple and uncomplicated

4 eggs
220 gr of butter
80 gr of sugar
220 gr of chocolate
60 gr of flour
4 egg yolks


Preheat the oven to 220º.
Put eggs in a bowl with the yolks and sugar. Beat well.
We put a saucepan to the water bath (that is to say a container with water to the fire and this case inside of it), places in the butter and the chopped chocolate. Remove until melted in a chocolate cream. Then remove from heat.
Brush the molds to use and sprinkle a little flour. This facilitates the demolding of the volcanoes at the end.
Place the melted chocolate in the beaten egg mixture from the stirring principle until everything is integrated.
Add the flour by sifting and stirring also, making it smooth and in a couple of minutes and it will integrate perfectly.
Fill the molds, fill two-thirds of their capacity, keep in mind that in the oven they grow and we do not want them to go out.
Bake at 220º for 5 minutes

Just remove from the oven unmold these delicious volcanoes of chocolate and consume directly because the grace is that when they break out that delicious lava of chocolate.

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