How would you feel if you never had stress in your life?

It is very difficult for a person to live without stress. In any case, stress can help us solve problems and develop us much more as human beings.

If the stress is not well managed it can cause us serious damage to our health as depression heart disease ulcers among others. If a person sleeps well and can maintain a life with low levels of stress he is considered a healthy person.

What to do when stressed?
Have positive thoughts and sit in a calm place, take a deep breath and then release this will make you notice how you feel before and after being stressed.
Keep a lavender scent in your wallet when you feel stressed inhale. Many times the aromas are excellent for lowering the levels of distress and stress of a person.

Massages can also help you reduce stress, since contracted muscles produce pain and stress in the person’s body. If you practice a massage your muscles will relax and you will feel less contracted. Practicing some outdoor activities such as jogging or cycling will significantly reduce your stress.

Stress is linked to the practice of tasks or situations that displease us; It is important to love what we do and if we face situations that we can not change ideally we should develop strategies to face them.

We must analyze the situations and what is the best way to solve our daily conflicts, with appropriate techniques everything will be easier.

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