Techniques to be a successful runner

Successful athletes not only have a strong will and discipline but are people who develop all their potencalidades to the maximum these characteristics define an athlete. Other qualities that winning athletes have is that they are always leaders and maintain a free and happy spirit.

If you want to become a successful runner today we will give you three techniques that will help you the first thing you have to maintain is a good breathing, carry a proper physical movement is to say that you must verify every movement of the body in each workout. And finally prepare the mind
Our specialists explain in detail each of the techniques mentioned above.

Breathing technique: to be a good runner we must control our breathing from the beginning of the race, having a proper breathing will allow you to have a greater sport performance, you will have more strength and you will avoid discomfort. The correct way to breathe is to inhale for 3 seconds hold for 1 second and exhale for 3 seconds.

Running Technique: You should start by running with your toes, raise your knees as if you were a soldier in gear. Keep your back straight and always look up. Squeeze your fists a little before starting this will activate circulation and secrete less lactic acid, stretch and tighten the abdomen, now if you are ready to run.

Mental technique: Once you are ready as to breath and posture leaves everything in the hands of the mind, a good sportsmen should go relaxed to a workout or competition, since lack of concentration could affect their outcome and cause injuries. In any sport it is important to maintain skills such as attention, concentration and motivation. Coaches mentioned that along with fitness an athlete also needs a mental training to achieve success in the competitions.

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